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  • It’s all about you! What you like and dislike. What works for you and what doesn’t. To create a tailor-made birth plan.
  • The science bit – Where it originated from, how your mind has such a massive part to play.
  • Your rights and choices.
  • What your partner can bring to the table
  • Facts and biology around the birthing body –how we get all those amazing hormones working
  • Relaxation is key – we will practice scripts, listen to mp3’s and share tips to fully relax your mind and body

I discovered the power of the mind & body. Learned techniques and relax therapy. Educated myself on my body, what happens, what it can do and achieve.

Clients will be required to pay a 50% deposit to secure their booking via PayPal, or directly by BACS. And settle the remaining balance before the course begins.

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